Danny Tanner season 1

Daniel Earnest Tanner was born on December 15, 1957 to Claire Tanner and an unnamed father. The identity of Danny's father is never revealed because his mother and father were divorced. Danny met Pamela Katsopolis when they were in school. They eventually married and had three daughters together: Donna Jo Tanner; Stephanie Judith Tanner and Michelle Elisabeth Tanner. Months after Michelle's birth, Pam was tragically killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. He enlists the help of his brother-in-law Jesse and his best friend Joey Gladstone.

In the beginning of the series, Danny works as sports caster and beginning in season two, works as co-host of his own show Wake Up San Francisco. Throughout the series, Danny has an almost obsessive compulsiveness with making sure the house and surroundings around him are spotless clean. He is also seen as being a very caring father, who is very protective of his daughters. He spoils his youngest daughter, Michelle until season 4 when he punishes her. Because Michelle was his last baby, he wanted to keep her the baby and not punish her.

When his co-host and Jesse's wife Rebecca Donaldson leaves on maternity leave, Vicki Larson steps in as temporary co-host and they eventually begin a relationship and get engaged. The engagement is broken off months later. Throughout the series, he goes on a series of ill fated dates with girls.


He is super conservative. Very overprotective of his family, especially his three daughters. He has an almost obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to having his house clean and tidy.


He was a sports caster, until he co-hosted his own show Wake Up San Francisco.