Jesse Katsopolis season 1

Hermes "Jesse" Katsopolis was born April 15, 1963 to Nick and Irene Katsopolis. He had an older sister, Pamela Katsopolis. It is revealed that his father was very strict and angry during Jesse's childhood. One childhood memory that Jesse recalled, is when Pam stuck carrots up his nose and also when Pam cut Jesse's hair. When his sister died in a car accident, Jesse moved into his brother-in-law's house to help raise his three nieces. He initially sleeps in his niece, Stephanie's room-which had pink bunnies on the wall. He later moved out of that room when he was married and he and wife, Becky moved into the attic-which they renovated into an apartment.

Throughout the series, Jesse had an obsession with Elvis, at one point, he had a short gig at a club impersonating Elvis. Throughout the series, he was in a band. Jesse and the Rippers until he got kicked out. had a best selling single in Japan. He next formed a band, Hot Daddy And the Munky Puppets.He is shown to be obssessed with beautiful women until he married, he had numerous girlfriends until he married Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson on Valentines Day. The two had twins Nicolas and Alexander. Throughout the whole series, Michelle Tanner was the one who was closest to Jesse. The two shared a very close bond.


Jesse had numerous short lived jobs throughout the series. He worked for his father, Nick's exterminating business, but left the business to focus on his music, this led to a brief falling out with his father. He next worked as an advertiser with Joey Gladestone and had several jingles accepted. Their agency was called JJ Creative Services. In later seasons, he and Joey started their own radio show called Rush Hour Renegades.


Jesse is a very laid back guy. He has an obsession with motorcycles and Elvis. He was portrayed as a rebel in early seasons. His signature catchphrases are: "Have Mercy!" and "watch the hair." He is obsessed with his hair and is often seen measuring it with a tape measurer. In early seasons, he and Stephanie had an exchange where Stephanie would want Jesse to do something and Jesse would respond, "Uncle Jesse doesn't want to." Stephanie would respond, "Yes he does." Jesse would respond, "no he doesn't." Stephanie would respond, "yes he does." Finally, one last time, Jesse would respond, "no he doesn't." Stephanie would end up fake crying. When he would talk with Michelle, he would say, "Capice." Which means, "Do you understand?"